• 2021-2022 PTSA Board Members

    Tuesday, June 15, 2021
    As the 2020-2021 school year comes to a close, we'd like to announce the 2021-2022 PTSA Board.
    The positions are listed and described below.
    Elected positions:
    • President - Rebekah Kuschmider
    • 8th grade Vice President - Kirstin Goldston
    • 7th grade Vice President - Alan Heymann
    • 6th grade Vice President - OPEN
    • Treasurer - Anne Gray
    • Recording Secretary - Ian Butteriss


    Other volunteer positions on PTSA board. Each of these chairs or coordinators can use the help of additional volunteers!

    • Communications Secretary - Lois Kent
    • Delegate to Montgomery County Council of PTAs - Kristy Daphnis
    • Spanish Language Liaison - Yancy Murillo
    • LAD/ LFI Liaison
    • Dance Committee Chair - OPEN
    • Fundraising Coordinator - Kris Punga
    • Membership Coordinator - Lois Kent
    • Spirit Wear Coordinator
    • Tiger Grant Coordinator - Monica Butteriss
    • Tiger Run Coordinator - Dan Rubin
    • BoxTops Coordinator


    Newport Mill Middle School PTSA Board Position Descriptions

    Elected Officers / Executive Committee Positions


    General Duties



    Establishes goals for the year, sets agenda for PTSA board and general meetings, primary liaison between PTSA and Principal; Member of Executive Committee

    Run PTSA Executive Committee Meetings

    Lead General PTSA Meetings

    Represent PTSA at NMMS Orientation Activities

    Welcome incoming 6th grade families from feeder elementary schools (can delegate to another Board member)..

    8th Grade VP

    Member of Executive Committee, primary liaison between 8th grade families and 8th grade teacher team at NMMS. 

    Liaison with 8th Grade Team Leaders and Counselors

    Coordinate Promotion Activities

    Represent 8th Grade Concerns

    7th Grade VP

    Member of Executive Committee, primary liaison between 7th grade families and 7th grade teacher team at NMMS.

    Liaison with 7th Grade Team Leaders and Counselors

    Assist with 7th Grade Dances

    Represent 7th Grade Concerns

    6th Grade VP

    Member of Executive Committee, primary liaison between 6th grade families and 6th grade teacher team at NMMS.

    Liaison with 6th Grade Team Leaders & Counselors

    Bring to PTSA 6th grade parent concerns

    Promote 6th Grade Meet & Greet


    Member of Executive Committee. Prepares annual budget, approves all expenses and maintains bank account records.

    Prepare and track budget

    Make Deposits 

    Pay PTSA bills

    Keep compliant with tax filings

    Recording Secretary

    Member of Executive Committee. Records and publishes minutes of PTSA meetings.

    Update NMMS List-serv email addresses

    Print and publish to NMMS website PTSA Meeting Minutes


    Other PTSA Board Positions


    General Duties


    Communications Secretary

    Communicate to the community

    Maintain PTSA website

    Send out monthly mailchimp newsletters

    Send out announcements and news on Facebook and Listservs.

    MCCPTA Delegate

    Attend Montgomery County Council of PTAs (MCCPTA) delegate meetings and report back to the Executive Board/membership.

    Attend monthly MCCPTA meetings (4th Tuesday of every month). Report to Executive Committee

    Voting member of MCCPTA

    Spanish Language Liaison

    Assists in translation of PTSA documents into Spanish and provides translation services as necessary at meetings and PTSA sponsored events.

    PTSA General Meetings

    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Documents include: meeting and event notices, Dinner Night Out Promos

    Fundraising Coordinator

    Promote, schedule and coordinate a host of

    free money fundraising programs that are already established

    Schedule Dinner Night Out and other (ie Skate Nights) events

    Coordinate with Box Tops 

    Promote Amazon Smile Use

    Tiger Run Coordinator

    Raise money and seek donations from families and businesses.  Organize day of activities with help of PE teachers.

    Set up donation website

    create a committee to help seek donations

    be the liaison between the school and the community

    Organize day of event in conjunction with the PE staff

    Dance Committee

    Chair and members

    Organize fall and spring dances.

    Secure security, room rental for fall and spring dances.

    Secure DJs and Photobooths for events.

    Organize parent volunteers and chaperones

    Decorations for dance

    Purchase concessions for dances

    Tiger Grants Coordinator

    Communicate with teachers for needs of school items not in MCPS budget

    As needed meet with the Executive Board to review submitted grants

    Communicate with staff regarding questions or feedback for the grants.

    Spirit Wear Coordinator

    Sell spirit wear at PTSA sponsored events

    Organize spirit wear

    Order as needed

    Box Tops Coordinator

    Promote use of BoxTops App

    Subset of Fundraising

    Promote use of BoxTops app

    Coordinate with Treasurer to be sure funds are received


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